love won’t play any games with you (any more than you want it to)

Sometimes, I do impulsive things like tell my boss about my plans for moving to New York 4 months earlier than I had planned. About a week ago, my boss came out of a manager training and called me to her desk. She told me that she just wanted me to know that if  “certain opportunities” ever came up, I shouldn’t be afraid to tell her if I want to pursue anything. She said she knows I’m not going to stay at my job forever, and that I have talents that could be used in other jobs. She made it clear that she doesn’t want me to leave, but doesn’t want to hold me back either. It turns out this whole conversation was brought on by office gossip about new marketing/corporate communications jobs that might be created in the next few months. But of course, me being the painfully honest person that I am, felt I had to come clean.

Me: I don’t think I’ll be transferring anywhere within the company. Actually, I’m thinking about going to grad school.
Her: Oh.. well, when the time comes, we’ll deal with that
Me: Well, okay, a graduate-like program… at NYU
Her: OMG! ::pantomines taking off a hat:: Okay, I just took off my manager hat and I’m putting on my friend hat. NYU!!!!!!!! That’s awesome. [sidenote: Boss grew up in Queens].

I told her about the program, and how Andy and I feel like moving to NYC is the best next step for us. I also told her that nothing is definite yet, and there are still a ton of details to work out, and I have to get into the NYU class first. And she seemed really supportive and excited for me. I left out the part about how my last day at work would likely end up being the day before her wedding in May, but I’m going to wait until I know that for sure.

Along the lines of telling people- I went to visit my dad/stepmom/sister/brother/assorted other family members over the weekend, and told them about my plans. I had told them all before, but more of as a “I want to do this someday” kind of thing rather than a “it’s definitely happening in less than a year” thing. The main feedback was that I should get a job before I go out there, and that I should visit there first before I sell all of my stuff and move. Which brings me to…

Sometimes, I do other impulsive things like buying plane tickets for Andy and I to go to New York for a long weekend in November!!!!!! That’s right, THIS November. Autumn in New York.  LOVE it. We still need to figure out where we’re staying (likely on a friend’s couch) and what we’re doing, but the point is— WE’RE GOING TO NYC!!! I have dreamed about this since I was roughly 9. (Whenever I started reading the BSC books about Stacy…)

I’ve been studying maps of Queens and apartment listings on Craigslist every night. I’ve also started brainstorming ideas for my NYU essay. I think I figured out the direction I want to take it. We’re supposed to talk about why we want to work in publishing, and what books/magazines/web sites we regularly read. I love that they even ask that. And I love that I figured out a way to tie it all together while communicating why I want to work in publishing. I’m really looking forward to writing this essay, but I’m wondering if it might be too soon. I’m just basing the topic off of the 2009 application because the 2010 doesn’t exist yet. I’d hate to write it and have them change the topic on me. But it might be good practice.

In other news, I haven’t heard back about the violin lessons.

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