I never liked this apple much; it always seemed too big to touch

On Saturday I went to a music store with my violin, which I haven’t played in about 9 years. My intention was to sell it to get some extra cash to put in my savings account for New York, but I ended up buying a new E string and getting some business cards for private lessons teachers. I emailed one of the teachers, but haven’t heard back yet. Lessons run about $20 for a half hour lesson, but I think they’d make me really happy.

The point of this story is, my 12-year-old self is at it again. I miss playing the violin, and want to start up again. When I’m living in the city, I probably won’t have very much money for “fun” things, so I want to make sure I have things that I enjoy that are relatively low cost.

I’ve been reading my “Not For Tourists” guidebook to New York and started studying the maps and learning the different neighborhoods. I think Queens might be the best place for us when we first move out there.  Just thinking about the logistics of moving there is kind of mind boggling. I need to actually be there to find a place, which will require an extra trip back to Indy to get my stuff and animals. I’m still debating whether I want to bother with the NYU dorms for the class or just get an apartment right away. I’m also trying to figure out what to do with my car and furniture. I’d like to sell everything and take the cash and start over. That sounds very appealing actually.

I’m a little bit closer to paying off the credit cards! Should be done by the end of October. I love the idea of starting over with a clean slate like that- no furniture, no car, only student loans as debt.

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