With my eyes on the prize, and my mind on you…

I’ve been out of college for a little more than two years, and I’ve finally started to figure out what I want in life. Interestingly enough, my twelve-year-old self may have had a better idea than my twenty-two year old self did. I probably should have listened to her.

I want need to will move to New York City late next spring.

For a long time, it was more of a want than a need. I’ve always been completely infatuated with the city. I’m sure I can blame all of the NBC Thursday night sitcoms that I grew up watching (and still watch). Or maybe it has to do with the activities I’ve always loved- dancing, theatre, shopping, and books.

But now, I feel like it’s a need. I’m tired of the midwest. I never liked it to begin with. I grew up in Texas, and I want to experience a real metropolitan area. Why not go for the best? I’m young, and I don’t have anything in my life that’s holding me back (at least, nothing that I wouldn’t be able to take with me!).

Whatever the reason, I’m finally close to being at a place in my life where it is reasonable to make such a huge change. I’m currently at a marketing job in Indianapolis, and it’s not bad at all. It pays pretty well, and I get to write. Granted, I’m writing about one of the least interesting topics there is, but at least I’m writing. I would much rather be working for a publishing house or magazine. My dream job would involve reading/editing books in some capacity. Or even writing my own.

I’m going to apply to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute next year. It’s a six week class that focuses on book, magazine, and new media publishing. Words cannot express how much I want to take this class. When I was in high school, I wanted to go to NYU for college, but my grades were just below where they needed to be, and I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go anyway, so I didn’t even apply. But I performed well in college, and am making enough money now that I could save up enough to make the class a reality. By going to this class, I’ll be on my way toward achieving three of my biggest lifelong goals:

1) Attend NYU
2) Live in NYC
3) Work in publishing.

Then there’s the other element…

Many of my friends are getting engaged/married, buying houses, making small people, and generally settling down. While part of me thinks I want that too (eventually), I know it’s not the right time. My boyfriend’s life goals just happen to align perfectly with mine at the moment: he will soon be finishing his master’s degree in digital art, and he wants to move to NYC to begin his film career. He has a few friends who have already moved out there and seem to be getting work, and I know he’s perfectly capable of doing the same.

We have made a commitment to each other to move out to New York next spring, at or around the time when the NYU Summer Institute starts. We’ll get an apartment together (our first!), and it will be amazing. We’ll probably be dirt poor, but I think we’ll still be happy. We currently live an hour apart from each other, and have talked about moving in together, but we want to time it right. We’d both be in a better position financially if we kept our current living situations as they are and then both saved up money for the next few months. I live with a roommate and he lives with his family, and neither of these is a horrible situation by any means.

So, that’s the plan. Over the next year, I’m going to attempt the following:

1) Pay off my credit card (Projected date: October 31, 2009)
2) Get accepted into the NYU Summer Publishing Institute (Will find out around March/April 2010)
3) Save up $5,000 (to cover part of the NYU program/moving/being unemployed for 6 weeks)
4) Move to NYC with Andy
5) Find a job and an apartment in New York (preferably quickly)
6) Document the whole experience on this blog!

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